Window Girl walkthrough

Confusing game. Girl is stuck in the window, and you can do things to both her front and behind at the same time. Watch the two meters: they need to go up equally. The meter on the right can rise very quick. Stop the action before it goes all the way up, or it is game over. You can see other items by clicking the left and right arrows in items menu. Click on an item again for alternate use. For example, by clicking on hand you can remove her clothes.


Clicking on hand changes it to “take off” or “rub”


Put rabbit ears on


Watch out any time blue meter starts to rise fast. Stop the action and switch to rubbing her tits and ass to stop and bring down the blue meter, while raising the red one.


More actions will be available with each rise of the red meter.


You will be able raise her skirt up a little first.


Then you will be able to raise up her shirt.


Use the second rope to rope her legs


You can use the vibrator on her pussy to have the red meter come up. Turn the vibrator on, then press on her pussy, and press and hold mouse button.


When the meter rises each time, you will be able to take off her skirt, shirt, and pull down panties. Just have the blue meter come down each time by rubbing her breasts and butt.


Play this game here!

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