Pretty Girl (Orgasm Girl) walkthrough

Move her arm and then remove her skirt.

Let her status meter rise back up to top.

Next, to give her a nipple rise, rub her left nipple continuously until she moans then it rises. Quickly buy some sleeping pills (open items bar showing the pills to get it ready) then rub her panties (vagina) until her panties get wet and she moans again. This will sky-rocket the meter it into the red zone! Keep the rubbing until the status meter is almost empty then quickly keep rubbing until she orgasms!

After completed for the first time you can unlock all 3 secrets by getting Rank A. Here's how:

Rank A: This is the hard part you have to have everything in perfect order.

Touch her left nipple (bra) and her left brest (bra) and the same with the right.

Touch her stomach and inner thigh then touch her vagina (skirt) now, move her arm and remove her skirt. touch her pubus (panties) and her vagina (panties). Now giver her a nipple rise then remove her bra.

Buy the lavender candle and the pills then when the status meter rises to full light the candle and make her panties wet same as before. Keep rubbing until you are almost at orgasm point but don't fill it! Then use sleeping pills!

Remove her panties, touch her pubus and vagina, then rub her sweet spot (note, this is hard to find because it is a small spot on her pussy, in the bottom portion) while candle still burning untill you reach orgasm! Congrats you've reached rank A!


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