In Bed with Allison walkthrough

This is a complete video walkthrough for In Bed with Allison (I did not create it). (Right click and choose save as to download)


The following is my own text walkthough for as far as I got along. This is an insane game which restarts on a single mistake, so I do not want to waste any more time writing a complete text walkthrough:

She has herself completely covered up!

Oh well, we'll loosen her a little.

Massage her breasts with the Hand for a while.

Now Grab that blanket and pull it down.

Now she doesn't want to show her panties!

We'll distract her with the teddy bear. Give it to her.

Now you can pull down the blanket.

Massage her legs a little.

Now pull up the night gown.


Take that bear and place it on the pussy.

While she's masturbating quickly massage one of her breasts so that she cums before you do (watch the meter).

She's ready for more


Massage her on the proper places.

Now pull up her top. She takes it off.

You can use a Finger now. Use it on nipples and her pussy. Use the hand on everything that you can think of.

Let the left bar drop completely.

Use the finger right on her pussy. She should insert her hand in the panties and start masturbating. If she does not, you forgot to use the finger or hand somewhere on legs and breasts.

While she is masturbating, you will need to to raise her (right) bar to the top before yours rises. Use the finger on on one of the nipples. If you (left bar) orgasm first, you will have to start the game over.

She orgasms.

Massage her breasts (hand) and nipples (finger) a little.

Now you can pull her panties down.

Massage her breasts and pussy a little. Place your finger on her pussy. She raises a little.

Oi! What's that under the pillow? Get it out!

Give it to her. Place your finger on your pussy and move around a little.

She's going to insert the dildo. When she does, use your finger on the red circle on the end. Turn it green (turn it on). She'll orgasm.

You have three choices now. Choosing the top one:

She's riding you now.

Rub her breasts and pussy. Now place finger on her pussy. She'll grab your dick and pleasure you!


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