Sex Kitten Sim Date 5 walkthrough

Pft! I can...



Interested Eccentric Kitty: Can you tell me what the largest Hovercraft was in 1968



Miss Green: What kind of disaster happened at Chernoby in 1986

A nuclear meltdown


Kagura: What is the closest species the mountain goat is related to?



Orange haired slut: Tell me the name of the island that Osaka is on



House, Koboshi-chan: What Franklin Stove was famous for

American Author


Annoyed Wet Chick: How many carbon atoms does caprylic acid have??



School, Topless Teacher: What do you say?

Fine by me!


Abandoned, Garbage Bag Waring Weirdo: What country is the Goliath Birdeater native to?

South America


Sleepy Sexy Drugo: What “Zydeco” is?

Pop music from the 20th century


Do not enter airport prematurely



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