Sex Bunny Sim walkthrough

No computer skills bitch: I want to watch my Fawlty Towers DVD collection. Do you know how many episodes they made? 12

Bunny slut girl: I will give it to you if you can tell me what color an exit sign is (I am stupid). Green

Hentai obsessed bitch: How many wheels should a car have at any time? 5

Jessica rabbit slug: ... can you tell me where the Olympic games were held in 1956? Melbourne

Angry Bunny Girl: ... tell me how many stars the actual Southern cross has. 5

Bitch—chan: ... how many people are selected in a cricket team? 12

Monica Clarence: ... tell me which vitamin helps with your metabolism levels. D (incorrect)

Linda raven: I have a banana up me so you better tell me the main vitamin it has in it! B (incorrect)

Stacy Slut: ... if you know what imaginary number are! Representing the square root of 1 as "i" (incorrect)

See Rachel Madcap if your health runs to 25% or after you answered all questions correctly (girl sitting at table in the hallway)


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