Sim Brothel walkthrough

There are only two ways to play the game: enjoy it, but not be very good at it, or do it very methodically and make a boatload of money!

First of all, play this game in fullscreen mode. Note: after you save the game, you can resume at any time, even after you turn your computer off. Your first run thru the game might be only a few hours, but a very methodical and professional pass will take you several days.

Note: I think it is nearly impossible to make any money in the Hard mode. So don't try.

Playing a game is a repetitive list of things to do every day:

Make all changes you want.

Press save.

Press "New day"

Continue if you like what the girls did. If too many girls refused to work, hit browser refresh, and load the game again. Press "New Day" again.

If there were not enough customers, refresh, load game, and add advertising.

After girls do their work properly, you have a next list of tasks:

Rank up

Look at girls' stats. If they have a lot of XP, increase their stats, and press "Price: Estimate"


The absolute first time you start the game, the big mistakes to avoid is buying a cheap girl as your first purchase (do not buy cheaper than 650 golds), and buying a second building too soon. Instead, spend about 6 days with your only girl to make about 750 golds, buy a good girl, and an additional room.



It is an absolute requirement that you complete missions. If you do not like a mission, press refresh and load the game. Press "New Day" and get another mission. Always trade the joker for a girl. You will get very expensive girls.

Always buy the girl that comes and offers herself to you. Never sell your girls if someone asks.


Do not click thru the "New Day" button rapidly. You need to watch out for several things, so you need to read the text. Watch out for: houses catching fire, girls getting sick, girl health below 40%, too many girls refusing to work, etc. If any of these happen, I suggest the refresh-load trick.


Health management: while girls work, their health will steadily decrease. You must never allow girls' health to drop below 40%. Because if it drops below 30%, she will not work for several days until it goes up to 100%. If you watch girls' health levels, and let them rest for 2 days after 40% you will be much better off. Note: the "return all health to 100%" is one of the best jokers. You might have to do the refresh-load trick for many times to obtain that exact joker.


One of the hard to understand problems is when your money is not increasing or is going down. Check immediately for the following:

Too many girls refusing to work

Too little advertising

Too much advertising

Try selling your cheapest girl

All girls' health levels are too low (you must obtain the "return all to 100%" joker to rescue you from this situation)


It is possible to access the save game file for archival/backup. On Windows XP, it is stored under

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\JJRCUJ\\uploads\flashgames

On Vista or Windows 7, it is stored at:

"C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\M4N5TANX\localhost\Users\su\Documents\sim-brothel.swf"

or similar, where bold words will be different on each computer. You can also search your user data folder for "sim-brothel.swf" (also for Windows Vista and Windows 7)

Example saves:

I'm well off

Day 223 and I have pretty much everything (all buildings, all missions, etc)


Note: if the game gives you same repeating Joker after you reload, save, close the program, and reload it from file and load the game. It should give you much better Joker choices then.


Note: NEVER accept x girls of x rank type of mission. I was never able to pass those missions. Even if it looks doable and you are on Easy, make absolutely sure you have saved before you have received that mission.

Always try to complete missions, as this will give you a girl you will not be able to buy anywhere, and for free.

Note: if you need additional tips, or have problems, - since I love this game so much -, you can contact me directly and ask!

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