Date Naoimi walkthrough

I am reposting here a walkthrough that someone else was kind enought to create:

1. place the mouse over her lips and click
2. click the kiss icon then place it over her lips it will get color. Click
3. click couch. touch then move cursor to bottom of screen on her right leg look for the color change.
5 slowly move up her leg til she says something new.
6. TOUCH her right breast a couple times then her left after she says something new again.
7 when the scene changes GRAB where she crosses her legs.
8.TOUCH her ankle and work your way up.
NOTE: if at anytime during these actions your cursor stays colored just click a new action then click the old one
9.when you get close to her "lips" you might have to click the other side then her "lips" a couple times
10.when the scene changes again KISS her leg around her knee and move close you will click 4 times
11. after the 4th click LICK her til the scene changes.
12. now you have a choice lick her butt or suck her breast.
13a. if you click ass then click her skirt to remove it.
14a KISS her ass a couple time moving around the 1st spot being just at the bottom of left cheek. when the next color spot chnages to the top of her crack change to LICK and click your way down.
13b.if you click breast then KISS her left breast twice then right breast twice.
14b.LICK her nipples left,right,left,right your will need to move your mouse around the area told in the box.
NOTE: you will notice while your moving your mouse two solid red lines during this part of the game. in order to make the bar move up you need to move your mouse cursor over both lines top and bottom moving along the object.
16. move the mouse over the lines in the dick at the base and near tip for a nice handjob.
17.repeat 16 for a blowjob. the line will be on her face while its in her mouth. its time for some next action lol the lines are at the top and bottom of your spine.
19. after 3 rounds of fucking you will get to choose where you cum. take your pick and you win.


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