Frank's Adventure 4 GOLD walkthrough

Play on the the GOLD version, which has one more picture. It is only available at


To make money, buy beer for the thirsty guy. Proper way to do it is to buy as many bottles of beer from the vending machine as you can afford, and not just five like the guy asked. When you approach him, open the inventory, and click on your collection of beer. Five bottles will be subtracted. Then, immediately walk away a little and approach the guy again. He will give you money for another trip. Only don't run there. Just open your inventory without even walking away, and click on your beer collection. Repeat until you give him your entire collection. When you are all out, buy as many bottles as you can from the vending machine, again. You will be making much more money after a few trips, when you will be transporting many bottles. Repeat until you make 750-1200 coins.



5 panties

Flower: Pink, Red, Orange

Buy and give ecstasy pill to guy with elephant nose

Buy a ticket and travel

Golf balls lying on the ground: collect them, sell to robot.

Collect waste with bucket

Give panties to guy at shore

Guy next to airport: Natsumi. Center, second row from the bottom. Pink Blue house, red. Down, two to the right. . Walk over to that location. Talk to girl.


Professor Zock

Trade eye balls for invisibility potions

Pick up brain

Drop sewage basket on carrot field

Talk to the gardener

Shooting gallery: top row is easiest

Roast the pork

Talk to Paris Hilton's bodyguard. Give him roasted beef. Give her flower.

Travel back

Buy 11 grams of weed

Give poisoned carrot to guy by the windmills

Give brain to girl in maze

Travel back

Give rope and cage to hairy guy

Go to the shore. I recommend to the right screen of waste plant. Use lobster cage until you find a lobster.

Give 1 gram weed to girl by the shore

Give 10g weed to sports girl

Give football to sports car guy

Walk over to the impressed slutty

Give lobster to Bill Clinton


Give mac burger to girl next to ecstasy guy

Give bag to girl by the bridge


Sell pics when you collect them all to guy in castle in the maze.

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