Sex Kitten Sim RPG walkthrough

Tell me what a black hole is?

A region of spacetime that nothing can escape, even light


Pick up pot in "Land"


Is Mercury heavier than lead?



When was the Mac 10 sub-machine gun developed?



Key behind Big Tree


Key behind upper right corner, second down screen house


Why are plants green?

Green light is not absorbed by pigments in plants.


Pick up candle in Phychic house


Candle to Ryki Sinkadu (center right). She gives you stick.


Stick and $500 to upper right corner house


What is the normal boiling point of water?

100 C


Pick up feathers next to Cash dealer


Key behind Big Tree


What speed does light travel?

1000 million km/h


What can Cyanide can be used for in terms of mining?

Removing gold from ore


Pick up key in Library


Feathers and 5 diamonds to Bitshiuki Mashikiah (lower left). She will make flying shoes.

Flying shoes to Cafe

Jam from Cafe back to Bitshiuki Mashikiah (lower left)


Pot to House of Kanstan Tehrayn (top center)

Meal to Huyndai Deawoo. Return rare pot to House of Kanstan Tehrayn (lower left)


Pick up key on snow ground


What is the outer surface of bone is called?



What is quantum mechanics?

The study of matter and radioation at an atomic level


CDs to Cash dealer


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