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What is a byproduct of photosynthesis? Oxygen

Which of the following can sound not travel through? Light bulb

What is the atomic symbol of Silver? Ag

What is the last electron in it? 4d^9

What is the closest planet to the sun? Mercury

Energy equals mass times what squared? Speed of light

Who was the first person to actively study genetics? Mendel

When traveling towards a planet at extremely high speeds, you will see time at what speed? Faster

What are diamonds made of? Coal (wrong)

Two objects moving randomly in space are most likely to meet if one is what? Still

When an object is moving, what slows it down? Friction

Everyone knows about the big bang, but what comes after that? Big Crunch (wrong)

What color inhibits the brain to do well in math? Red (idiotic)

For every action, there is an equal and opposite...? Reaction

The average AMU of an atom is found by finding the mean of it's what? Isotopes


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Find x. 60

Find x... again. +-2

Solve the equation. i^2

Find the zeros of the function. -4

In the equation y=mx+b, what is the slope and y-intercept, respectively? m, b

Which one of the following is the vertex form of a quadratic equation? y=(a(x-h)+k

The amount of food a child eats varies directly with the weight of the child. What is the equation for this? y=kx

If you were to graph f(x)=s(x^(2)), what would it look like? |x|

The amount of food a child eats varies directly with the weight of the child. If the child eats 4 pounds of food in one day and weights 147 lbs., what is the constant? 4/147

If you were to graph 6cos(x), what would the negative zero closest to the Y axis be? (1/2)(6cos(x^(2)))

Which of the following is not a rational number? s(2)

Find all the zeros of the following function... -4. 3, +i, -i

Find all zeros and write the polynomial as a product of linear factors. 2, +-2i; (x-2)^(2)(x+2i)(x-2i)

Determine whether u an v are orthogonal, parallel, or neither. Parallel

Completely factor the following equation with the given zero (x-4). (x-4)(x+1)(x+7)


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What should all formal essays include? Thesis

Look at this sentence; “Susie sells seashells by the sea shore.” What type of sentence is this? Alliteration

The Sumerian's view on the meaning of life can be best seen in what story? Gilgamesh

In that story, there is a great natural disaster, which is very similar to that of Christianity's story. What happened? Great Flood

Who is the king of gods? Zeus

The ugliest god, Hephaestus, was ironically married to the most beautiful female goddess. Who is this goddess? Aphrodite

He crafted a bet that caught his wife and who in bed? Ares

What is the story written by Euripides which depicts a heart-broken women who kills her children? [sic] Medea

How many disciples did Jesus originally have? 12

True or false: Noah was in fact a drunken old man. True (???)

How many plagues occurred in the bible? [sic] 10

All of these are plagues except one. Find the one. Eternal darkness (???)

Our planets are all named after what gods? Roman

The hit movie The Matrix used the name Morpheus on one of the main characters, quite suiting too. Where does this name come from? Greek god of sleep

The most common element of the English laguage is what? [sic] Latin



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Tell me who founded and named the Americas. Amerigo

What disease wiped out over 40 million people in Europe? Black Death

Samurai had to hold up to what code of ethics. Bushido

What was the first alloy to be discovered by men that we know of? Bronze

Francisco Pizzaro was a Spanish conquistador. What great civilization did he conquer? Inca

And before that bastard came along, what were the Inca most well known for? Architecture

What was the bronze age characterized by? Metalwork

What was the Neolithic age characterized by then? Technology

With the introduction of African slavery in Portugal came great disruption in the Portugal community. What was happening? Too many slaves

Who said “Give me liberty or give me death”? Patrick Henry

What was the most common form of currency in the Aztec empire? Cacao beans

Despite overwhelming evidence, Columbus went to the grave believing that he had landed in...? India

What were the first humanoid beings proven to be in ancient England? Homo Erectus

How many children did Henry VII have total? 3

Vikings were Scandinavian raiders. What was their most valuable skill? Shipmaking






What is the largest bone in the body? Femur

What's the largest organ? Skin

What is used for digestion in the cell? Lysosome

What covers long bones, not including the joints? Periosteum

What is the major artery running through the knee? Popliteal

Where are the taste buds located specifically? Papillae

Which of the following describes a patient who is lying face upward; in other words, on the back? Supine

How is the patient lying if they are face down? Prone

What is the definition of inorganic? No carbon

Us autism more if a genetic or environmental trait? Genetic (not true)

If you inherited an I^(a) blood gene from your mother, and an I blood gene from your father, what blood type are you? A

A pleiotropy is a gene that controls _____ phenotype function(s). Many

A phenocopy is a trait that is...? Environmental

Which of the following are genes that are visible by the eye? Phenotype

Recombination is when genes...? Cross over

Using Mendel's punnet square, what ration would one get when using a dihybrid cross? 9:3:3:1

A condition where the mitochondrial DNA sequence is not the same in all copies is what? Heteroplasmy

Which of the following is a possible sex chromosome? All of the above

Say you have a gene that will make a lot of melanin, and another that won't make melanin. What will your skin look like? Tan

Will identical twins have the same finger prints; will clones have the same finger prints? No, no.


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Now that you have all the hints collected, click on the hinted areas on the GIRL ON THE MAIN MENU. If you click correctly, another picture will appear. Now click on other hint areas.


If you get to a screen that says GIFs are not yet unlocked, then redo all of the quizes. You probably started one, and clicked on the “Menu” button, resetting process in that particular quiz.


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