Skanksville walkthrough

Look in ALL WINDOWS and cars. Count until you have seen 18 pictures before finishing the game.

House with girl: "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't call the cops on your ass!" - "You looked lonely and desperate"

Band room: "We'll tell you where she is if you listen to our song!" - "Only if you play KoRn"

Gym: "Hi, how are you?" - "I'm the new gym teacher and I need to give you a full physical"

Lower right brown house: "Now, what do you want" - "I would like to check out a book"


Police station: "What seems to be the problem sir?" - "I would like to file a missing penis report"

Tall building: "Hi, how may I help you" - "Can you please suck my cock"

Firefighters: "Is there something you need, sir?" - "There's a fire on my crotch!"

Post office: "Hello, how may I help you?" - "I need to insert my package into a slot"


To see how well you did and finish the game, walk off the screen (blue sky area for example).


Play this game here!

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