Tips and Tricks

When playing flash games on websites (this one and all others), the following tips can help greatly. Almost all of these tips are for the Firefox browser, which is much more useable than Internet Explorer for playing flash games.

1) A number of links can be opened in tabs, notably with the Linky add-on.

2) However, to prevent all of those tabs loading all flash games at the same time, you'll need the Flashblock add-on.

3) All other sites besides this one use stupid blinking and otherwise headache and epilepsy inducing GIF animations. In Firefox, just hit the Esc button on your keyboard, and all animations will stop playing. (Note: animations which will still keep playing are Flash, and not GIF. See Flashblock above to stop Flash from playing)

4) To remove ads from pages, Remove It Permanently add-on might be useful.

5) If you don't know what to click in a game, most games allow you to press the Tab key on your keyboard, and the possible click areas will be highlighted briefly with a yellow rectangle. Continue to press the key to cycle thru all clickable areas.

6) Finally, to completely strip all crap from pages, you can download the Flash game itself and play it just by itself. Add-ons such as Embedded Objects will help.

7) The following Windows programs will be of great benefit:

a) VLC media player THE BEST video player. Don't use any other crap like VidX/XVid, WMP, etc.

b) EnounceMySpeed. To slow down flash games.

c) SWF Picture Extractor: to extract pictures from flash without having to play the whole game.

d) uTorrent: the only P2P torrent client you should use.

e) MoviesExtractorScout: for when SWF Picture Extractor does not work.


8) Instead of clicking madly and giving yourself arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, use a mouse auto-clicker. Google Search. One example program (but not very fast).

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