Sexy Maid walkthrough

Use the things you have on various parts of her exposed body.

When meter rises, you can take the panties off.

Shave her, apply foam first.

Use the three tools all over her body, until an arrow appears over her shoulders.

Take her complete dress off.

Turn her face towards you

Do filthy things to her face.

Here's a trick that it would take you some time to find: multiple actions! Start rubbing her back. Without releasing the mouse button, move the cursor to her pussy, and her mouth. Later, you can also move over to her hand.

Pull back her hand

After you pull back her hand, you can do things to her breast

Use brush on her breast

If you progress bar is high enough, a vibrator will appear.

Her foot is a sensitive area, too.

Another hard to see sensitive area is her lower back. Your hand, caressing her, will dissapear behind her cute butt when you are rubbing her lower back.

When you have used the vibrator on her, the beads, and your bar is very high (85%+), you can slap her on the butt.

When the bar is at 100%, dick appears.

The percent shown in numbers sometimes differs from the scale. Ignore the numerical percent displayed.


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