Sex Kitten Sim - Maids walkthrough


Pole: Retard: Where is is The greatest temperature Range On Earth? Siberia, Russia


Bin: Enema Obsessed GIrl: What is the total area of Earth? 510.072 million sq km


Door: Stray Maid Bitches: Come here when you complete “Townhouse”


Anal Plugged Ass Bandit: Anyway can you tell me what the largest Nebula is? The Orion Nebula




Tree: Kodachi: When was The first Academy Awards presented? 1927


Side: Giant Angry Overlord: What is the The “Looney Tunes” song actually called? The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down


Door: Cat Girl Maid #674: Which is the largest human organ: Skin


Shed: Wallpaint Drinker: What is “Mexican black tar”? Heroin



Room: Nurse/Maid: In what year did the world population reach 6 billion? 1999


Tree: Kitten in a tree: Roughly how much of the human brain is water? 85%


Door: Magical Faggod Nurse: How tall is the Taipei 101 in Taiwan? 509 m


Bin: What is Deuterium? Hydrogen with mass no. 2


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