Ganguro Girl (hacked) walkthrough

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My name is Saori Nako

Her phone no is 555-933-8117

Her birthday is June 17

Egoist is her favorite designer label

She has never been to love hotel

She wants to be Ganguro until 20

Her favorite place to shop is Tokyu

For a living she does (not nurse)

She really loves listening to Pizz.. 5

She is 163cm tall

Her waist size is 54

Her blood type is AB

Her hip size is 87

Breast size not 86

She weighs 45 kg


Record the day that you first kissed her


Phrase: Ganguro girls are named for their dark tans


Password: tYU2TEb


At dates, give shoes as a gift (raises level highest)

If she does not take a gift, "use" and item first to return her mood to normal. Then give her shoes.


Room R311


Meet her in hotel room. Ask her if she wants to fool around every time. If your relationship is high, she will want to fool with you and the game is over.


There is a deluxe version of this game with 3 girls


Play this game here!

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