WOW, someone actually still visits this website in 2022???

What this website was/is, is a collection of adult-themed Flash games, etc. I got fed up of other websites hosting a flash game surrounded by an obscene amount of ads, all blinking at an epileptic rate, showing male enhancement products and such, and ads occupying 75% of the screen, showing the actual crappy Flash game in a tiny window. I also give you an ability to just easily download the Flash content to your own computer (and that actually also makes it possible to play it these days).

Here are no ads, just the Flash.

Well, it is 2022, and Adobe has killed Flash a while ago. Most browsers have followed suit. Most browsers don't even to bother telling you that Flash used to be in a certain area of a webpage, they just show a blank white rectangle (if that). So, you actually have to go out of your way to re-enable Flash (if you choose to do so). Possible options are:

* Install an extension / add-on in your browser to support Flash as emulation. For Firefox there is Flash Player 2022 (which I recommend, but it DOES NOT play all Flash content properly). I don't recommend because it wants to launch my Flash content in a separate tab (just makes it inconvenient for you; I certainly don't give a crap what you do with my website). It's up to you to research other browsers and/or other extensions.

Rust does NOT play all Flash content. Further explanations...

* Run SWF files in the official desktop Flash Player.

* WARNING SECURITY THREAT continue to use, and don't uninstall old OSes/browsers that still play Flash.

* WARNING SECURITY THREAT reinstall Flash to your computer from some suspicious website that still hosts those outdated installation files.

You can research yourself this matter further and determine for yourself best course of action, keeping security of your computer in consideration.


Folks I can't promise how long this website will remain operational. I can pull the plug in any moment that this profit-negative thing continues to exist... It's not the good old 2010 anymore. Fullfill your nostalgia with these crappy old Flash games and clips while you can...


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